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Ring Sizes

Ring Size | How to find it and what to count

Easily find the size of your ring using a scoop, or a thread following the simple procedure below.

1st mode – Inner diameter

To find the ring size:

1. In a ring of your own that goes well measure in millimeters (mm) the inner diameter with the help of a ruler.

2. Match the millimeters (mm) to the matches in the table at the end of the page.

2nd Way – Inner perimeter

To find the ring size:

1. Wrap your finger with the scoop or thread, loosely to create a full circle around it.

2. With a pen, note the point that meets the tip on the thread (or the measuring tape).

3. Reopen the thread in a straight line.

4. With the help of a ruler measure in millimeters (mm) the length of the thread from its tip to the point marked with the pen. You found the inner perimeter.



When you try to find the size for the ring it is advisable to note that:

A. Your hands may not be the same size. Usually your "good" hand tends to be a little bigger. This means that if you know the size of a ring you wear in one hand you may not wear the same size in the other hand.

B. A ring is better to be slightly larger than normal than the smallest.

C. Don't forget that your fingers can swell a little during the day or on the hottest days.

D. Do not forget to take into account the size of the joints above which the ring should pass.

E. Attention, 1 cm corresponds to 10 millimeters. So if a measurement is 1.65 cm (cm), this corresponds to 16.5 mm (mm).